How can I invest outside of the quarterly cycle?

If you’d like to invest funds outside the quarterly trading cycle, there are two features in the Six Park dashboard that allow you to set up additional investments:

  1. 'Invest on Demand' - This option allows you to invest additional funds from your Macquarie CMA immediately. There is a fee included when you use this feature. You can have your funds invested across all of the ETFs in the portfolio for $45, which covers the cost of 7-8 trades, depending on your portfolio, or you can choose to have your funds invested across up to 3 of the ETFs in your portfolio for $15. We have the lower cost option to meet the desire for some clients to invest more frequently with smaller amounts of funds from their Macquarie CMA.
  2. ‘Automated Investing’ - You can set a limit (e.g. $500), and when the balance in your Macquarie CMA reaches that limit, the funds will automatically be invested into your portfolio. The same fee options apply as per the above. If, for example, you set a balance of $500 and each month you transfer $500 into your Macquarie CMA, the system will automatically invest your funds once the $500 has cleared in Six Park’s system.

You can access these features in your Six Park dashboard under the 'Invest Funds' tab.

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