How do I deposit money into my Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA)?

You can deposit money into your Macquarie Cash Management Account through funds transfer, BPAY®, or direct debit. Please note that using BPay can add an additional business day for funds to transfer and clear.

Six Park does not charge any fees for adding funds to your account, but please note that additional funds will only be traded when they meet our rebalancing threshold, which is outlined in your statement of advice.

Many banks have daily limits for funds transfer – these limits vary considerably. If the total amount you intend to deposit is larger than your daily limit, you can make deposits over several days or you can try BPAY®, which typically allows bigger amounts.

Funds transfer

To transfer funds into your Macquarie CMA from another account, you’ll need to request a transfer and provide your CMA details. You can find your Macquarie CMA number in your Six Park dashboard under “Settings”. The Macquarie BSB is 182 512. If you use online banking, this function is usually called “Funds transfer” or “Pay anyone”.


To send funds to your Macquarie CMA via BPAY®, your financial institution needs to be a BPAY® payer. Use the following details to make the transaction.

  • Biller code: 667022
  • Reference number: your Macquarie CMA number

You can find your Macquarie CMA number in your Six Park account dashboard under “Settings”. Please note: BPAY® deposits usually take two business days to clear.

Direct debit

Direct debits or periodical payments are the easiest way to automate regular deposits into your Macquarie CMA. These can be set up as a one-off or set to recur weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. 

You can set up a periodical payment to your Macquarie cash management account via your personal/nominated online banking platform or by contacting your Bank.

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