How often will my account be invested? When will you rebalance my portfolio?

Once your initial funds have been invested, you will move to a quarterly trading cycle when we invest additional funds for eligible accounts. These dates align with the timing of ETF dividend payments and can be found in the Six Park dashboard in the “Invest Funds” section. Many clients make deposits to align with these dates as these trades are included as part of our service.

If you have funds you’d like to add to your account, it’s best to transfer the funds into your Macquarie CMA at least a couple of days beforehand. If you have $2,000 or more in your Macquarie CMA on any of these quarterly trading days, we’ll invest your funds at no additional cost to you. We’ll also email you each quarter to give you plenty of time to take advantage of these opportunities.

Outside of that timeframe, there are other potential triggers for an account to be invested:

  • You retake the online assessment and your risk profile changes as a result;
  • The Six Park Investment Advisory Committee recommends a change to your investment portfolio’s target asset allocation or the ETFs your portfolio contains;
  • You are invested in a Starter account (less than $5,000 account value), and the sum of your investment and your CMA cash balance exceed $5,000, when you will be traded into the fully diversified Essential portfolio, or;
  • Your investment portfolio’s assets have materially drifted from their target asset allocation, which can happen over time as markets move and certain asset classes outperform or underperform others (please note that this will happen at least once a year)

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