Are there any other fees or costs that I will incur?

Aside from Six Park’s direct charges, your investments will incur certain indirect costs. These costs are not charged or collected by Six Park but are instead reflected in the underlying price of your investments.

ETF management fees

As with any other managed fund, each ETF in your portfolio will charge management fees to cover the fund’s administrative and operating costs. These fees flow to the ETF issuer (not Six Park) and are incorporated in the share price of the ETF.

The average ETF management fees for our portfolios currently range from 0.22% to 0.26% per annum – which is generally much lower than you would incur by investing in a typical managed fund and/or investing directly in the same exposure of individually purchased securities.

You may also be charged fees if you use certain features in the Six Park dashboard or for certain requests, such as:

Invest on Demand fees

If you would like to trade more frequently than our normal quarterly cycle, you can do so at any time using the ‘Invest on Demand’ function in the Six Park dashboard. The following fees are applicable if you use this feature:

  1. $15 to invest your additional funds across 3 of the ETFs in your existing portfolio, or
  2. $45 to invest your additional funds in your existing portfolio and rebalance your portfolio to ensure it aligns with your target asset allocation.  

HIN transfer fee

If you are closing your account with Six Park and request a HIN transfer (moving your ETF investments) to another investing platform, there is a $75 fee as this requires additional work outside the scope of our usual service.  

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