Once I’ve deposited funds into my Macquarie CMA, what happens next?

Once your funds have cleared and are available on our system your account will be traded once you confirm your initial investment amount.

The following will then occur:

  • You will receive contract notes via email from Openmarkets confirming your trades;
  • You will receive welcome letters from each of the ETF issuers via post from the share registries – Link Market Services and Computershare. Within these welcome letters will be instructions on how to register for electronic communications and how to set up an automatic Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP) with each ETF, if you choose.

Once your initial funds have been invested, you will move to a quarterly trading cycle. The quarterly trading dates are noted in your Six Park dashboard. This is when we will seek to rebalance and invest any accounts that meet certain criteria for being traded. Read more about rebalancing

If you’d like to invest more frequently, you are able to use our ‘Invest on Demand’ feature found within the Six Park dashboard. Provided you trade a minimum amount of $500, you can trade when it suits you. Read more about the Invest on Demand feature.

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