Why shouldn’t I just set up my own ETF portfolio? Can’t I just replicate Six Park’s offering by buying my own exchange-traded funds (ETFs) directly?

There’s nothing to stop you from setting up and managing your own investment portfolio of ETFs using a traditional broker or financial planner.

However, it can be time-consuming and stressful to evaluate all the available investment options, and it can also be pretty difficult to regularly review and rebalance your portfolio as it drifts from your target thresholds. It may also be more expensive to DIY than you realise – you need to buy multiple shares and trade them and rebalance on an ongoing basis, each time incurring fees. 

And history would suggest that over time you are unlikely to outperform overall market performance, as even seasoned professionals typically fail to meet their benchmark index’s performance.

For an affordable fee, Six Park saves you the time and energy it takes to build and maintain a well-diversified investment portfolio. We provide asset allocation guidance, set up your accounts, establish and rebalance your investments, and ensure you remember to check in on your goals and position at least once a year.

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