What would happen to my investments if something happened to Six Park?

In the event that Six Park stopped operating, your investments and cash would remain accessible, as they are all held in your own name. You would continue to own and have access to any surplus cash in your Macquarie CMA.

Likewise, all of the ETFs in your Six Park portfolio would continue to be held in your own name – via your personal Holder Identification Number (HIN) associated with your stockbroking account with Openmarkets. This HIN formally identifies you as the registered title holder of those ETFs on the Australian Stock Exchange’s CHESS sub-register. You would always have the option to instruct a different broker of your choosing to liquidate or transfer these ETF holdings.

The details of both your cash management account with Macquarie Bank and your HIN with Openmarkets will be provided to you when you first invest with us and are also available online via our website.

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